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About Our Mission

About Us – Our Home Inspection Staff will provide everything you need to ensure the home inspection experience is friendly, understandable, professional and the best in the industry. We are the Only Authority on Home Inspections. We promise you will know more then you care to know about the home you are purchasing after completing your inspection.

About The Home Inspection Staff

The House Authority Home Inspection Staff is dedicated to meeting all of your home inspection needs. Professional specialist in their fields are committed to ensuring you receive excellent customer service, are experts and knowledgeable of the services we provide, deliver your inspection report in a timely manner (Same Day Delivery), are professional on site and on the phone, and are available after the inspection for any questions or other services you may need. We talk About Us in introduction of Our Staff, However, everything we do is about our Clients. We will never forget that.


Troy Roarke: ACI - CIE - CMI


House Authority Inspection Service Home Inspection Service
House Authority Inspection Service Home Inspection Service

Beth Roarke: CFO


  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Director of Business and Finance
  • Scheduling Coordinator
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Social Media Administrator
  • Contract Specialist
  • Client Relations Director
  • New Construction Coordinator
  • Certified Legionella Specialist
  • BA Flagler College

"Experience Takes Time, we have over 22 Years of it"

"You will know more about your house then You would probably care to know after our Home inspection is completed"

Troy Roarke: ACI - CIE - CMI - FHRT

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