What Sets Us Apart


We are committed to providing the absolute best quality home inspection service to each and everyone of our clients. 

Over the last 19 years since our start, we continued grow while staying true to our original mission – to give you our client a thorough quality unbiased Home Inspection Service. 

A Jacksonville Home Inspection that you can rely on. Giving you peace of mind and confidence in the purchase of your new home.

Our Services

Home Inspections

We at the House Authority Inspection Service, LLC are here to ensure that you receive an extensive, non-bias, comprehensive, detailed complete home inspection of your new or current home.

Mold Inspections & Testing

The House Authority offers the Best Jacksonville Mold Inspections, Mold Assessments, Mold Testing and Indoor Air Quality Testing to help provide you with a safe environment to live or work in.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

We can test or sample for almost anything including Mold, VOC & TMVOC, Silica, Allergens, COVID-19, Dust, Air, Methamphetamines, Formaldehyde, etc. When you need IAQ Solutions turn to the House Authority Inspection Service.

Insurance Inspections

We also provide Jacksonville Insurance Inspections like the Four Point Inspection, Wind Mitigation Verification, Roof Certifications and Electrical Inspections for your residential or Commercial Properties.

Radon Testing

Radon Gas Testing is Available for Residential and Commercial Properties. Radon Gas is odorless carcinogen present in Florida Soil that can accumulate inside homes and buildings, the #2 cause of Lung Cancer in the United States. The only way to determine if it is present is to Test. We are Certified Florida Department of Health Radon Test Company.

Same Day Delivery

ASHI Standards

One Stop Shop, we will set your Home Inspection, Mold Inspection and Testing, WDO Inspection, Pool Inspection, Radon Testing, and Insurance Inspections all at the same time. One phone call for all of these service and just ONE appointment.

We are a Member of NEFAR and with this privilege we also hold a Supra E-key, allowing us access to enter home with an electronic lock box with of course the permission of the Realtor. Our Goal is to provide you excellent service, easier accessibility, and same day turnaround.


Buying a New Home is a Big Deal; You want to make sure it is a sound and excellent condition before for signing.  That’s where an Elite Jacksonville Home Inspection Service comes into play. 



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 Military Discounts are Available for all Active and Retired Service Members

We celebrate our Military, they give us the opportunity to do what we do.

Military Discounts Apply to All Active or Retired Military Service Members. Please ask for your discount when scheduling your Home Inspection.

Thank You for Your Service.

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